There is a new turn-based RPG around the corner and it might be one that you will want to follow! Synstasis is a tactical cyberpunk RPG set in a post-libertarian future. What does that look like? Well, it’s a world where the government has been deemed irrelevant and where 90% of the population lives in mega-cities run by corporations. So if that sounds like the kind of environment that you would enjoy playing in, keep on reading!


Synstasis (formerly known as Synapse) is a game that is currently being developed by Transhumanoid, an indie studio based in Singapour. The Demo is out for those who are interested in giving it a spin on Steam, but there is no release date for the final product yet. However, the 30-40 minutes demo already gives us a good idea of what kind of game to expect!

The story might seem confusing at first when you are thrown in the game, but you quickly want to know more. There are friendly and hunting droids on every corner, officers who don’t want to do their job, part of town that are completely destroyed, people fighting over spare parts….There is a lot to see on only one street. The Demo itself is not telling us a lot more than this however, we mainly get to meet a set of characters and see the state of the world.

Graphic wise, it is not really like those big titles that we are used to see today. So do not expect something similar to God of War in terms of style, it’s more close to a more polished Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic. Which has it’s own charm too. A few things could still be adjusted in terms of scaling objects (doors seeming too low, bathroom mirrors too high…) and lighting, but since it is still only a Demo, hard to tell if it’s the final product or not.

As for the combat system, it’s a simple turn-based system similar to the one you would see in XCOM. It works well, but it has it’s flaws right now. The main thing that I would say was working against the developers are the controls. Moving the camera around during battle is really strange and when outside of combat, it can take some time to adjust to moving your character around.

That being said, it looks like an interesting game and we hope that we will be able to see more of it soon! Tell us if you had the chance to play the Demo yet and what did you think!

Images are copyrights of Transhumanoid studio.


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