Blizzard has been hiting it’s new hero for Overwatch for quite some time now. People were getting really excited to learn more every time there was a mention of this name. A few minutes ago, a player on the Overwatch forums asked for a new hint on  Hero 27, when Jeff Keplan replied with :

Ok. Incoming. Brace for it…

And as promised, we have some new piece of information that followed right after!

Now, what are we getting from this? Is there more than meets the eye in this little bit of text?


We now know that Ana Amari was deployed in the outskirt of Istanbul, Turkey for operation Zx24AL, code name WHITE DOME.

Blue Mosque _ Istanbul
Photo taken from Wikipedia

The name could be strongly referring to the blue mosque in Istanbul. Which is, for those who do not know, an active mosque today, but also a strong tourist attraction. In her report summary, Captain Amari mentions that Istanbul’s outskirts were having issues with a pocket of omnic resistance. Her and her team had done a routine insertion , before getting ambushed and taking heavy fire from the omnics.


My theory is that Istanbul could be a new map that would be added in the game alongCommander Morrisson, Ana and Gabriel hero 27, as a PVE mode. Ana is accompanied by Reinhardt, Torjborn and the newly introduced Emre Sarioglu. If we look at their composition, we have a healer, a tank, a defense and our unknown character. They are also in a fight against the Omnics, which can remind us of the Uprising event from last year. Concerning Hero 27, only the name Emre Sarioglu seems to be certain. His role in the game and appearance remain unknown, but we can try to guess by looking at their team composition. What role would you like for him to have in Overwatch??

Let us know your thoughts on this teaser and your theories in the comments below!


All Overwatch images are copyright of Blizzard Entertainment.


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