Do we recommend it? Yes!
Platforms? PS4,PSVita, PC (Steam)
Languages? English, Japanese, French(subtiles), Chinese(subtitles)
Release date? September 26, 2017

Our score: 7/10

For our review this week we have Danganronpa V3: Killing harmony, the fourth game of the Danganronpa franchise to come out on Steam.The first three games were a big success on PC and many were excited for this new release! While it’s not a direct follow up to Danganronpa 2, it still has our favorite evil mind Monokuma, accompanied by it’s monokubs! As a big fan of the previous games, I had a lot of expectations about this new title.

Danganronpa V3 Characters

It is set in an entirely new set-up, but keeps the concept of a group of students locked in a strange school. Our new heroes seems to have been kidnapped by an unknown group to make them participate in yet another killing game.  However, you may notice a few differences right from the beginning: instead of big plates blocking the doors, we are faced with barbed wire and there are no cameras in the rooms this time. These small details already gave us an hint on just how different this game would be. Now, let’s step into the juicy details. Do not worry, as this will be a spoiler-free review.

”It never gets old! It’s so fun and entertaining that I just get un-BEAR-ably pumped up!” -Monokuma

Danganronpa V3 Animation flashback light

”A new cast of 16 characters find themselves kidnapped and imprisoned in a school. Inside, some will kill, some will die, and some will be punished. Reimagine what you thought high-stakes, fast-paced investigation was as you investigate twisted murder cases and condemn your new friends to death.”

Danganronpa V3 3D animation

New animations and concepts! Extreeeeeeme!

Danganronpa V3 features a whole new set of environnement, characters and cinematic! This means that there was a lot of work that went through the art department of the great team behind this title. The concepts’ style remains true to the originals, with it’s very unique color palette and great cutscenes. This has always been a strong points of the Danganronpa series! This time, they also added some 3D animation in the game itself which you will be able to notice in the first minutes of gameplay. They did not seem to be out of place with their traditional 2D animations and were a nice little surprise! There is also a whole chapter that features a brand new style of gameplay with a classic rpg-style background! There is really nothing to say against their work on these aspects of the game!

Danganronpa V3 3D Exisals

Gameplay and controls: Why it’s better with a controller

The gameplay in this title is still similar to the one in Danganronpa and Danganronpa 2. There are a few more mini games added during trials, but not a lot of changes except for the great RPG inspired chapter as mentioned above. The gameplay was smooth, but the controls for PC quickly became a struggle during mini games and investigations. The settings are set as default for a controller and the tutorial will also show a controller’s settings (Y,X,RB, and so on). So we definitely recommend you use one! Specially for those new mini games! Speaking of the mini games were entertaining, but some of them did not feel like they were adding anything significant to the game. However, this did not make the game less enjoyable!

Danganronpa V3 Mini Game
Congratulations to Crimson Angel of Judecca (NA)!

Longer chapters: More fun or too much talk?

The story in Danganronpa V3 is much longer than the previous games that’s for sure! Is it a good or a bad thing? With more script to play with, it means that we can get more bear puns, hilarious comments and get to know the characters! All of this was really fun to go through. The only moments where it felt like the game was becoming very slow was during investigations and class trials. These times are supposed to be stressful ones with a certain challenge to find all the clues. However, it felt like the sidekicks in this game were guiding us by the hand a little too much to our taste. While some players might enjoy to get some reminders here and there, some do not enjoy getting interrupted to read about something they already learned 5 minutes ago.

Danganronpa V3 characters - 2

The story itself was interesting with it’s own twist, but do not expect it to be as realistic as the first games. This title goes a little bit more on the crazy side! Which was a lot of fun to explore, but also made us scratch our heads. There are a lot of plot twist, a lot of areas to explore and many characters to discover! The game was a great one, even if it had it’s small flaws. It was really strong on the graphic and gameplay, but the PC controls could have been better and sometimes the pace fell too slow. We do still recommend it if you are a fan of the previous games! Good luck, have fun, or as our favorite bears would say:

So long! Bear well!


Screenshots are copyrights of SpikeChunsoft’s Danganronpa V3.



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