Shadow of Argus was finally released about a week ago now! We were all excited for this new patch that will feature a new raid and a totally new zone as well. This includes new quests, rewards, mounts, world bosses and more.

First we were greeted with a very interesting new part of the lore and some absolutely badass cutscenes.  Which only makes us wants more.  Here is the first cinematic in the new patch and we encourage you to take a look at the many others to come!

We also get to travel in the Vindicaar with Illidan and Velen. This is where most questline will start and it gives the players every necessities so that we do not have to travel back to Dalaran or Stormwind too often. The Vindicaar has more than one location on the map and be sure to check them all since the quests do not all end in the same one.


Even if the story line really got us hooked, it did not last long enough before loosing pace. After playing this for a few days, we all noticed a tiny detail : Time lock. Many of the new quests will require to do class hall missions that will take a great amount of time, so be prepared for that. What can you do when you wait for that 1 day mission? World bosses and World Quests! These will help you get better gear very fast with Veiled Argunite. As of today (September 5th) the new patch finally added more quests related to the lore and it did not disappoint. We already had Illidan, Velen, two of the Windrunner sisters and many more iconic figures to join us on Argus. This time, Magni also decided to provide us Magni_Legion_Arguswith some of his knowledge. He sensed that there was something odd about this planet and he was not mistaken. Aggramar was reborn as the titan of destruction by Sargeras, how did he make this possible? We do not know yet, but it could mean the fall of all Azeroth if it is not stopped. We should get to learn more soon as Aggramar will be one of the final bosses of the upcoming raid : Antorus, the Burning Throne.


The most recent questline also includes some more demon slaying, giving peace to more Draenai’s restless souls, unlocking more World Quests and so on. Another interest piece that was added is the ability to travel and fight inside a Lightforged Warframe. This does not give you the mount, it is an ability only usable on Argus and a part of the quest that will lead you to your first meeting with Aggramar. The mount itself can be purchased in the Vindicaar, but requires Exalted with Army of the Light and costs 500 000g , Yikes!

lightforged warframe_Legion

Mac’Aree, the jewel of Argus : First Look

Mac’Aree also has finally revealed itself to us. It was known as the jewel of Argus and it is where many lives were taken mercilessly. This zone is filled with poor unfortunate souls that contrasts with the beauty of the place. Since it is brand new, be prepared to have many, many players questing around with you and it might slow down your questing if you are on a PvP server (we unfortunately experienced that on the first few quests). However, we can’t wait to learn more about this new location!

Mac'aree, legion, location, world of warcraft

Gearing up 

If you want to gear up faster in time for Antorus, here are a few tips for you! The Veiled Argunite gained from Rare Spawns and World Quests in Argus will be used to buy some new pieces of gear! You should farm those if you are below ilvl of 910 on some pieces. Each one costs 650 Argunite and the seller is our good old friend Thaumaturge Vashreen! He is now located right next to the blacksmith on the first floor of the Vindicaar. On the main floor you can also find an Innkeeper who has a back piece to sell with an Ilvl of 900. However, this one will require that you have an Honored Reputation with Army of the Light.

Thaumaturge Vashreen Legion

It is also faster now to get great gear with Dungeons as the ilvl drop was increased with this patch! Normal dungeons now drop gear ilvl 845, Heroic will drop ilvl 865 and Mythic will start at ilvl 885. Another great way of getting gear is with Nethershards that are still available in Broken Shore. Our final tip is to simply keep on doing raids! Tomb of Sargeras being the most recent one so far, going through it is not a bad idea (and pray for a good group for Kil’Jaeden). The newest raid will be unlocked soon and getting prepared for it should be on your checklist!

legion, argus, boss

We will give you more detailed articles on various aspects of Argus in the few days to come, in the meantime, share your thoughts with us on this new Patch!


All screenshots are copyrights of Blizzard Entertainment.





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