This article is for all the mount hunters out there! You have seen the cool Bleakhoof Runstrider that was added in Shadow of Argus and you just can’t wait to have it? Don’t want to wait days and weeks to get it?

The Bleakhoof Ruinstrider is a new Tabulk mount, one of the many color variations of Argus Tabulk. However, unlike the other versions, this on can only be earned with the achievement, …and chew mana buns. The mount is also very similar to the one that drops from Wrangler Kravos in Mac’Aree (drop chance and location still unknown). The main difference between the two mounts is that the Bleakhoof has a bit more glow to it! And who doesn’t like a mount that glows?

Blackhoof ruinstrider mount

If you can’t see the achievement …and chew mana buns in your achievement list, it’s because you have not unlocked the previous ones! To do so, you need to finish the first parts: We came here for two reasons and To kill Demons. We came here for two reasons will only require you to kill 100 non-trivial demons, the second part, To Kill Demons, will ask that you slay 500 non-trivial demons. These two achievement do not give any cool rewards, but they are necessary to unlock the one we are after! …and chew mana buns is the third part of the achievement and it will ask of you to kill 2 000 non-trivial demons. Now, that may seem like a lot, but it is totally possible to do so in about 1h.

And Chew mana buns Achievement

Step 1: Travel to the Vindicaar on top of Krokuun.

Important if you want to get to the farming location faster!

Step 2 : Make your group
Simply click on the dungeon icon to make a new premade group under custom group. You should label it something like this:

Farming for Blackhoof: NO BODYGUARDS
Achv. and chew mana buns, Darkfall Ridge

Step 3 : Travel to Darkfall Ridge
Darkfall ridge is probably the best place to farm for this achievement right now. To get there from the Vindicaar, simply ask Romuul to take you to the surface and you will spawn right next to the location.

Step 4 : No Bodyguard, no more than 10 people
The bodyguard are really important because they will slow you down. So make sure no one in your group has one active when you are farming. I also suggest not more than 10 person in your group because it will make it harder for everyone to target demons and will only slow you down again. But this is really up to you.

Step 5 :  Farm those Portals
You see those two portals right in front of the defenses? The ones where demons spawn without taking a break? Yep, that’s where you want to farm.  Just split into groups and start farming those demons as much as you can until you have 2 000.

blackhoof farming, darkridge fall

Step 6 : Keep Queue up
You do not want too many people, but there will be people in your group that leave for various reasons, so make sure to always go back in queue if you need it!

Step 7 : Keep the group alive!
Because everyone should get a chance to get their achievement! Once you have your achievement, if you are in charge of the group, simply name someone else group leader before you leave. This will let more and more players have a chance to get the achievement if you keep on rotating.

Step 8 : Show off…and Chew mana buns!
You’ve earned it!

Blackhoof Mount_world of warcraft

Blackhoof Mount_world of warcraftBlackhoof Mount_world of warcraft

All screenshots are copyrights of Blizzard Entertainment.



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