-Great story
-Unique gameplay
-Amazing cinematics that looks like anime episodes
-Interesting characters
-Yes, you can play it with the voices in Japanese or English!

-Blurry graphics during some events
-You can easily miss some game options (change language)

Puhuhuhuh! Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls is now out on Steam! The game is a port from PS Vita and it is another title for the Danganronpa Franchise. This time around, the gameplay is quite different from the classic games!

Danganronpa 1 and 2 have been a huge success on Steam since their release. Many fans, including myself, have been waiting eagerly for this title to come out on PC. While it is not necessary to have played the two first games in order to understand Ultra Despair Girls, it will make the experience even more enjoyable! Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls takes place right after the events of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. We also saw a sneak peak of this game’s story in the anime that aired last summer.


Ultra Despair Girls’ story follows the events that happened in Towa after the first Killing Game. The city that was meant to be a safe haven for those who could escape The Most Biggest, Most Aweful, Most Tragic Event in Human History was suddenly the prey of extreme riots. An army of Monokuma started roaming the streets, killing all adults it could find. One of their target is Komaru Naegi. She was imprisoned in a small apartment until those Monokumas appeared. She is later kidnapped again by a group of children who is behind the attack, before finally meeting Toko Fukawa. Together, they are trying to find a way to escape this island where all the adults are being eliminated.


This is a story worthy of the Danganronpa series. It is very dark, bloody, but still features it’s unique twist. There is a great balance of humor and thriller in this game, which is why many people are fans of the Franchise! Also, do you like creepy children? If so, you are in for a ride! The contrast between the cuteness of the characters and their terrible actions will really be playing with your brain. The development of their stories will at the same time break your heart and send shivers down your spine. This title has a lot to offer. The game is also filled with fourth wall breaking events, such as the characters knowing they are drawn in a manga style or talking directly about game balance.

The gameplay of Ultra Despair Girls is very different from the other Danganronpa games. It is an adventure game in third person where you control either Genocide Jack or Komaru. Komaru’s gameplay features a quite unique gun to take down the Monokumas. Genocide Jack is a lot more raw and will fight with her precious scissors in her usually madness. This is an action game, but it still has it’s share of puzzles that you can work through. There is also three different modes:

Genocide Mode: This is a mode for those who simply want to enjoy the story, Ultra pumped Genocide Jack Mode.

Komaru Mode: This is the basic game mode that features all the elements of the game

Despair Mode: Perfect for those who want a challenge!

Every players can find it’s favorite style of gameplay and it’s awesome! We love the Komaru and Despair modes the most, but if you want to focus only on the story, Genocide Mode is there for you!

One might think the art style will be different because the gameplay is different. Which is partially true. Danganronpa Another Episode still has the same unique color palette that we love (bright pink blood everywhere!). The bodies that we come accross during the game are also unique in their designs, but we do not see the same kind of animation while walking through a new area. Also, if you were an execution enthousiast in the previous games, don’t be sad! They still happen, but in a slightly different way. We do not vote to find a culprit, we do not have to find clues to save our friends. Instead, these ”Executions” happen with our characters only being able to watch in horror. The animation and art for those is still in the same beautiful style as it was in Danganronpa 1 and 2.

The game also has a new feature that we did not really see as much in the previous titles: fully animated cutscenes. We see two types of scenes, 3D animated and 2D animated. The 3D animation is unfortunatly a little bit blurry, but it does not get in the way of the game. The 2D animations however are a great surprise! It feels like watching short anime episodes, which really brought something refreshing to the game.

Is this Danganronpa title worth your money? Definitely! We absolutely love it, it has a lot of interesting content, it’s unique and if you like the previous games, you will love this one. It was released today on Steam and we highly recommend that you give it a try!


All screenshots are copyrights of Spike Chunsoft.



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