It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the Senran Kagura games or not, you most likely heard of the series. The creators behind it recently released a PC version of another ValkyrieDrive_Logo_Transparentgame of the same genre : Valkyrie Drive -BHIKKUNI-. This game was the second part of their Valkyrie Drive project. The first part was an anime that happens on another island than the one featured in the game. I have never watched the anime before, so I will not be able to compare it to the show in this review!

I decided to play this game because it looks very similar to Senran Kagura, a fun beat ’em up game! Just to warn you before we go further in details about this title, it is meant as a more mature series with sexual content and nudity! But there will be no explicit screenshots in this review.

-Full Voice over
-Good combat mechanics
-Character customization
-Controller support

-Animation flaws (Very…Bouncy!)
-A few bugs here and there (nothing that can’t be fix)
-Can there be too much fanservice?

Valkyrie Drive seems to follow the anime’s storyline with the VR-Virus. It is an action brawler that is set on an island named Bhikkuni. This isolated island is where girls that are affected by the VR-Virus go to learn how to control it. The only way to do so is by fighting each other.ValkyrieDrive_Screenshot_7.png

The strong point of Valkyrie Drive’s gameplay is it’s combat mechanics.


They are very smooth and features many combos.  It is great for those who are not very used to this kind of game, but also for those who would like to go battle online to face a challenge. The online mode has various kind of battles; Strip battles, Liberation battles and Melee battles. Each modes has it’s own ranking as well!

The art is very colorful and dynamic! There is a wide variety of customization for each characters including hair accessories, outfits and even underwear. Each character is unique and has it’s own Drive form. They are not only different in appearances , each girls has a strong personality. From a sweet girl who wants to become stronger, to a strange one who only thinks about eating everything she sees. There is however a strange aspect to the game’s animation…There are bows and ties that moves on their own on the girls chests, which seems to be bouncing whenever there is wind (and everyone knows it’s windy on an island!).


This game has a lot of fan service going on, a lot! There are chest guards who measures your power by grabbing the girl’s breasts, romance between the characters that goes beyond a simple crush and finally the Drive levels. Drives levels are unlocked as the girls level up and they will include more than just stronger attacks! There is a lot happening! Is it ever too much? We think that a game can have a great story and gameplay, with also some fan service included. There are also games that focus their gameplay and story on it. We would say that this is one of those games. Is it a good or a bad thing? It depends on your personal preferences. If this is what you were looking for, you are in for a treat!

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The real question is, is it worth buying?
Valkyrie Drive is not a really pricey game and it has a lot of content. It features a rather long story mode, an online mode, challenge mode, survival mode, customization and more. It also has over 50 achievements. If you like action brawlers with great combat mechanics, it is one of the games that you would enjoy! That is, if you do not mind all the fan service. The other way around is also true, if you love fan service games and want a game that has great gameplay, without being too challenging, it is the one for you!

All screenshots and images are copyrights of Marvelous and Honey Parade Games


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