EA’s announcements were some of the most awaited ones of this year’s E3.  Before we get into the various news that we heard about Battlefront II and Battlefield 1, EA revealed their newest titles : Madden 18 – Longshot – and NBA Live 18. The sports genre in video games has grown to be quite popular on consoles and many were waiting for these games. Need for Speed Payback also got it’s first Gameplay trailer! Here are the trailers:


Battlefield 1

Some new content is coming to Battlefield 1, a game that has been very popular and successful since it’s launch. The announcement started with the reveal of night maps: Nivelle Nights and Prise de Tahure. In the name of the Tsar was also part of the announcement, it will include six new maps, new multi battle experiences and more. All this new content will be available by the end of September, meaning 8 new maps in total plus all the content included in ”In the name of the Tsar”.


A Way Out

EA Originals‘ new title, A Way Out was also revealed! This game was made by the developers of Brothers: A tale of two sons and is another adventure co-op game. It looks very interesting and it is a game that seems promising!



Bioware‘s new title is also a part of the party! Anthem‘s trailer had many players excited, some gameplay was also shown at the Xbox One X event:

Battlefront II

Will we get a story mode in Battlefront II ?? This question was on everyone’s lips for a few weeks. To answer this question and many more, Jenina Gavankar who plays commander Iden Versio joined the stage.

battlefront2She confirmed that Star Wars Battlefront II will give us a new story that take place between the return of the Jedi and the Force awakens. This title should have three times the content of the first game. There will be a return of Skirmish and a multiplayer where there will be more characters, vehicles, customization, planets and more. The actor behind Finn, John Boyega, also made an appearance to announce that his character would be part of Battlefront II with Captain Phasma for no additional charge.

battlefront2-2.png EA announced that those who pre-order the game will get an early access to the beta and an Epic Lightsaber for Yoda. All other additional content will be entirely free for the years to come, there should be no paid DLC in Battlefront 2.


That is it for our recap of EA’s events at E3! We will be releasing recaps of the other events in the days to come! Let us know what are your thoughts and what are the games that you are most excited about!


All screenshots are copyrights of their rightful owners, EA, Bioware, EA Originals..


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