-Nice soundtrack
-Fun to play with friends

-Confusing mechanics
-Misses a story line

Neighborhorde is the new couch co-op shoot em up available on Steam! This game was developed and published by Fermenter Games on June 6th. We tried out this local cooperative action from one to four players and reviewed it for you!

It has a story behind it, but it is not really implanted in-game. The best way to know about the story  is to read the description of it on steam.

”You and your pals are playing too many videogames. Mom said it’s time to go outside for a bit. Little does she know the dangers appearing outside in Neighborville. Portals open up from another dimension. Evil robots, dragons, wizards, and zombie Abe Lincoln burst out from these portals and start attacking you and your pals! Luckily, you have your trusty wooden sword and your pal saved some bottlerockets from 4th of July. How is that going to help? Use your imagination, kid.”

It is a shame that there is not really a full storyline to this game because this one looked interesting! It could have been used more, we can’t help but wonder, why are we being grounded for not surviving a night full of monsters?


However the gameplay is really fun! We definitely recommend playing with friends on this one. It is meant as a co-op couch game and really has the feel of it. So plug in some controllers and enjoy it with your crew!

Confusing or simply challenging?

One of the first thing that you will experience in this game is of course a simple tutorial! While the tutorial was nice and helpful, the mechanics can still get quite confusing. The strangest part was aiming in Neighborhorde, it does not feel very natural compared to most games. Since the levels gets so chaotic, you can end up only spinning the joystick around and hope to hit enough things to make it through the night. Using a controller to play this was the best way to enjoy the game! Also, remember to stay together if you want to survive. One of the game’s most interesting ideas: the Friend Zone. If all players are in the Friendzone they can heal each other, revive each other and be able to have special skills if you decide to unlock them! The monsters can be quite challenging, so don’t forget to protect your friendzone!


There are many weapons and skills that you can earn after each levels, which is always great! There is a great variety of them so each gameplay will be different. The only thing missing there would be a small description of what each weapon does since sometimes it is not very clear if it is a melee or a ranged one. However, they are very original tools! You can fight with a guitar or water balloons, there are so many options and they are always surprising! The presentation for them is also very awesome, we loved the small price tag.

The visuals of this game are adorable, even if they may not look very developed because of the low-poly style. It really has a nice 90s vibe to it that will bring back many gamers! We loved the soundtrack and the ambiance that it brought!


Was this game fun? Of course it was! For it’s cheap price it is definitely something you should try with your friends! The only changes that we would like to see would be to add options for better control of your aiming and more background story in the game itself! You can buy it here on Steam and see more of the gameplay for yourself! It is also available for Xbox One and PS4 players!

If you get the chance to play it, tell us what are your thoughts about Neighborhorde!


All Screenshots are copyrights of Fermenter games.

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