Every now and then, blizzard likes to tease their new content with intriguing images, as it was the case for Dehaka for example. Today, a very mysterious image appeared in the newly renamed Blizzard App, featuring 3 candles in a dark room. Of course, people are going wild with theories on reddit and the Hots forums. Here I will present most of them and evaluation how likely they are to be true.

Deckard Cain

This old timer has been around in all of the Diablo games so far and has been a fan favorite for a very long time. Although he is now enjoying a long deserved rest in (hopefully!) heaven, death means very little in the nexus, as Uther, Arthas, Tassadar and many others came back from the dead for the occasion. We can expect a scholar for the Diablo universe to spend most of his time in a creepy candle lit basement such as this. It is also very similar the Leah’s desk in this cinematic.

Deckard Cain from Diablo 3

Leah is Cain’s apprentice, and was using her old master’s books to study the black soulstone. I guess it would be possible to have Leah as a character, but I find that unlikely, as Deckard is massively more popular. Honestly, any Diablo character is somewhat possible.

Scholomance? kel’thuzad?

The lich Kel’thuzad had also been a fan favorite for a while now and according to a few leaks, he is also in Blizzard’s top priority list. The candles are very similar to what you could find in the Scholomance dungeon in World Of Warcraft. This zone was basically a necromancy school and thus heavily linked with the lich. He was considered as one of the most powerful agent of the scourge. It could also be a map based on Naxxramas or Scholomance, but I find that more unlikely since a Hanamura was recently added to the game.

Screenshot of Scholomance
Kel’thuzad, Art by Templierpainter

A Kobold hero?

“You no take candle” If you have played some World Of Warcraft, this quote is most likely forever imprinted in your mind. There is not much to this theory, but the Kobold sure love their candles! I wouldn’t say this is likely to be real but it could be a funny hero similar to Murky.

Screenshot of a Kobold

Hearthstone innkeeper

We do not know much about this guy, except for his love of ale and trading card games. The candles and the way they are painted looks somewhat similar to something you might expect to see in the tavern from Hearthstone, but the overall image is too creepy for it to be the case. I do not think he is the next hero, but i would love to see his skills!


Innkeeper from Hearthstone

Bottom line

At this point in time, almost any theory is a possibility, but a Diablo hero such as Deckard Cain or even Mephisto is probably the most logical choice. That being said, I would love to see Kel’thuzad as the upcoming hero. People has been asking for him since Heroes Of The Storm launched and we have a decent idea of his skills due to his presence as a playable hero in Warcraft 3 and as a raid boss in WoW.

What about you? Who do you think will be the next hero in the nexus?


All screenshots are copyrights of Blizzard Entertainment. 


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