Danganronpa V3 : Killing Harmony has finally revealed all of it’s new characters! The game is only coming out on September 26th of this year, but this new set of crazy heroes is really interesting!

V3 will once again feature an unknown Ultimate like Kyoko and Hajime in the prequels. It will also have new strange and unexpected Ultimates such as the Ultimate Supreme Leader and the Ultimate Robot. Those two characters can give us a small hint of what kind of world they live. There are also many career related ultimate like the ultimate Anthropologist, Entomologist, Artist, Maid, Child Caregiver and Astronaut. It will be very interesting to see how these will play a part in the story. There is always the sporty ones as well, the Akido Master and Tennis Pro. Finally, there will be an Ultimate Cosplayer, Inventor, Pianist and Magician!

A new twist to the game was also added: the Monokubs! You already love Monokuma? Why not bring five more mini-Monokuma! Monosuke, Monotaro, MonoKid, Monophanie and Monodam are all the children of Monokuma! Expect them to be as crazy and eccentric as our favorite evil bear!The Monokuma Kub

The new Danganronpa is said to be the biggest episode of the series yet. It has a completely new cast except for Monokuma, all of them were kidnapped and trapped in a school like in the previous games. It is a brand new beginning where everyone is trying their best to survive. There will also be brand new mini-games, but more information on this should be available in the next few months. Until then, enjoy the art of the new characters and this great trailer! For a full description of each characters, you can head to the official website.



All images are copyright of  Spike Chunsoft.

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