Dragon Essence – Color My World – was officially released yesterday! It is Zeiva Inc’s newest Visual Novel that has been in production for 6 years! You may know of Zeiva Inc from their most popular game on Steam called Voices from the Sea. They are also behing many other VN on Steam and this one has been making their fans really excited. It does not have a Steam release date yet, but it is purchasable from their website here, there is also a Demo available!

This is the story of Chi An, a young girl in a feudal fantasy world where humans worship dragons as their gods. By chance, she met one of those mystical beings when she was seven years old and since then, she had been very curious about them. Ten years later, she is almost a full grown women and she struggles between her responsibility towards her family and freedom to pursue her own happiness…

All screenshots are copyrights of Zeiva Inc.


    • Hello! I am terribly sorry for the long response time, I have been having many technical issues for about a month. I can’t seem to find a good video quality of the song on youtube unfortunatly. If you have a link I could try to help you with it!


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