D.VA just joined the Heroes of the Storm in PTR and already she has a few cool new skins, an announcer, emojis and more! Many things coming up for HotS also, including a rework for Alarak and Tyrande that will be featured in a future article!

D.Va Heroes of the STorm

New Content!

In addition to many new Skins, D.Va is also getting an announcer, emoji packs, banners and voicelines! Genji is also going to get his own announcer soon. Many new bundles are also available such as the D.Va bundle, but also a new one called the Welcome Bundle.

D.Va VoicelinesD.Va and Genji Announcer

Screenshot2017-05-08 16_43_33

The welcome Bundle will include 800 gems, a welcome loot chest that guarantee a hero, a rare and an epic loot chest and finally this new Zebra Mount with a 7 days stimpack. Also, two new customization enter the nexus in honor of Heroes of Dorm 2017.


All Screenshots are copyright of Blizzard Entertainment.



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