Last month was filled with new releases and special events. We decided to gather our favorites items, games and special moments of the month in a special article!


Let’s start with the goodies! This month I was lucky to get many items from various universe! Starting with the sweet Baneling/Zergling reversible plush which I absolutely love! This two in one plush was on sale for Blizzard’s Spring Clearance. The shipping and processing did take longer than usual, but their customer support is always very helpful! I also got my hands on the Yellow Pikachu New! Nintendo 3DS. The art on the cover is very nice and subtle. Many new Star Wars comics were added to my collection as well as the special D.VA Funko Pop! who joined the family! The Pop! is probably one of the best ones ever. D.VA can be out of Meka and her size is very cute but still follows the proportions of her in-game model.

Finally, new After School Warriors designs were out this month! After School Warriors is a shirt brand inspired by Dungeons and Dragons that has been growing in popularity lately. The shirts were available for sale last weekend at a convention in Montreal and are also available online! The designs are very cute, featuring a kid representing a certain class and it’s shadow being the hero he or she imagines. More pictures with the clothes we got will be coming soon!



Oxygen not Included is a game that I have been playing a lot this past month. For more details about this game there is a review of it on our website! It has been one of my favorite games since I got it on Steam and I can’t wait to see more from it!


Heroes of the Storm 2.0 also came out by the end of April and it did not disappoint! Already being fans of Heroes of the Storm, this new patch brought even more to the game! Many surprises were announced such as D.VA being the new Hero to join the Nexus. We can’t wait to see what’s coming next in the battlefield! We already have a First Impression article for this for those interested!



Overwatch Uprising was a special in-game event last month that featured many of our favorite heroes. This event was lore-based and many players enjoyed it, specially with the new PvE mode. This was a complete surprise by Blizzard and we hope that the positive reaction from the fans will encourage them to bring more lore events in the game.

blackwatch Genji

Tell us if you would like to see more articles like these in the future! See you next month!


All screenshots are copyrights of their rightful owners, Blizzard Entertainment, Klei Entertainment, Funko Pop!


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