Two days ago was the official launch date for Heroes of the Storm 2.0. There was a special live event via Twitch and Facebook live that reached over 80k viewers! We wrote about a few of the features from the launch already with our Genji Spotlight and an article related to the new skins included in the game. This time around, we decided to write about what are our first impressions of the patch.


The Mega Bundle

The Mega Bundles are available for all players to choose from. Blizzard offered free gems to it’s players to be able to pick one of them, each containing 20 Heroes. This was a really great idea for new players who are interested in joining the game! Rather than starting with only the free week hero and the few ones available via events (Tracer for purchasing Overwatch, Raynor via Recruit a Friend, Artanis via Starcraft…), players can now start with at least 20 heroes. For veteran players who already own most or all heroes, we still get to keep the free gems. Which is a nice little gift from Blizzard!

megabundles in Heroes of the Storm

Nexus Challenge 2.0

The Nexus Challenge is back in 2.0, but this one works a little differently. Just like in the past one, players will get a chance to get the Oni Genji skin in Overwatch as well as new mounts, sprays and icon in Heroes of the Storm. However, these are only the rewards for week 1. The second week will add rewards related to D.VA , same goes for the week after that. Then finally we will get loot boxes for both games. This is another technique to bring more players to Heroes of the Storm, but with more rewards than the previous Challenge. The quest is not really long to complete since only five games are needed and the rewards are very nice! Blizzard did not went cheap on this one. For more details about the Challenge, head over to our Nexus Challenge 2.0 article!

Veteran players and boxes

Many veteran players were worried about the reward value that we would get when the game launches. Many have been saying in the Heroes of the Storm Forums that they felt like the amount of boxes earned was unfair, even after the addition of veteran boxes. However, we were very satisfied with the amount of loot boxes we got and their content. Our only worry with loot boxes was the lack of content that would soon start to show in the amount of duplicates we get. Since we have been playing this game since the Alpha, we already own most heroes, we purchased skins, master skins and mounts. The amount of content we do not already have in terms of skins we enjoy is slowly getting smaller. However, since Blizzard is coming up with new skins and heroes almost each months, we hope that they will do the same for Announcers packs, mounts and the other new features. There are so many Heroes that do not have their Announcer pack yet and we can’t wait to see more of them.

Progression system

The new progression system is great! It is rewarding to level up many Heroes to earn new content. We also love the hero themed boxes! Even if the Master Skins are no longer rewarded by reaching level 10, we still get a chance to own cool items for the characters we play the most. The amount of exp needed to level up also scales differently now, so it doesn’t take as much time as before to get to a higher level with your heroes. Heroes Brawl now also give experience as well. This way we earn more from a mode that does not include quest rewards, so players can enjoy it as much as they enjoy Quick Play and still level up. We have yet to find a detail that we did not enjoy about the new progression.Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Progression

Overall this was a really good patch! It brought many new players and others who did quit the game a while ago. There are many new features to enjoy for both Veterans of Heroes of the Storm and it’s newcomers. We can’t wait to see what the future of the game will look like from now on! We can already see it getting more popular on Twitch as well! This patch looked promising and did not disappoint!

All screenshots are copyrights of Blizzard Entertainment.


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