The Nexus Challenge is back! This time with more rewards than ever and it is already in progress. This event started just yesterday on April 25 and will go on until May 22. This challenge will work a little differently than the previous one, but it is still one worth trying out!

During the first week of the event, players will get another chance to get their hands on the Oni Genji skin in Overwatch! They will also be able to earn the spray and icon for that game. In Heroes of the Storm, the reward is the Orochi Overcycle mount with all it’s color variations with the Oni Genji banner, spray and portrait. To do so, players need to play five games with a friend in Versus AI, Unranked, Ranked or Quick Match.

Oni genji highlight overwatch

The second quest that will start after May 2 will require to play five more games with a friend. This one will reward you with the newest skin for Overwatch: Officer D.VA and the Busan Police Overcycle mount for Heroes of the Storm. The third quest’s rewards are also related to D.VA since she is the upcoming hero for Heroes of the Storm. In this one, players can earn a D.VA portrait and spray in Overwatch. In HotS, we will get the Overwatch Hexagon mount with a D.VA banner, spray and portrait.

Finally, the last quest will rewards players with 10 loot boxes for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. In Heroes of the Storm there is a guarantee that one of these box will be a rare box.

Each of the quest will activate at any given time, but only one quest can be in a player’s log at a time. To be able to get the rewards for the second, players must complete the first one. Same goes for the third and fourth quest. Meaning that we can’t complete multiple quests at the same time. However, it is still possible to complete all four of them on the same that once they have all been release in the game. But it will require the players to play a total 20 games to complete all the quests in order. Just make sure that you finish them before May 22!


All Screenshots are copyrights of Blizzard Entertainment

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