Little nightmare trailer screenshotLittle Nightmare is a long awaited Indie game that will be available on Steam very soon! This game was developed by Tarsier Studio, an independent game development studio based in Sweden. Coming out tomorrow on Steam, but also on consoles, Little Nightmares is going to be one interesting horror adventure game with a stealth and puzzle elements to it. This is the story of Six, a little girl trying to escape The Maw : a mysterious place where corrupted souls are searching for their next meal…

One of the many reasons why people are excited about this game are it’s incredible visuals! The game seems very well made and the characters’ designs look very unique. Little Nightmares will be coming out tomorrow on April 27th. Two in-game masks, the original soundtrack and a wallpaper are waiting for you in the Pre-Order Offer on Steam. We can’t wait to see more about this title! Let us know if you are excited as well for the release!


All Images and videos are Copyright of Tarsier Studio, developers of Little Nightmares.

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