Earlier today, the trailer for the newest Overwatch event was leaked in France. The big announcement is due tomorrow on April 11 with more details, but we already had the chance to look at this amazing trailer. It already gives us a good idea of what to expect including new skins, map and possibly a new game mode.

The trailer follows the story of the Uprising comic that was released just last week. It follows the event that happened seven years ago in London. A part of the team from Overwatch is sent on a mission to escort what seems to be a bomb in the heart of King’s Row. Their team is made of Mercy, Reinhardt, Torbjorn, Tracer and McCree who was already on location. Genji also makes an appearance in the trailer and comic with Ana, Soldier 76 and Reaper (aka Gabriel).

The trailer is introducing us to a King’s Row completely destroyed, with turrets and an what seems to be an Omnics army. There are two possible uses for this map, a standard escort the payload and a PvE map referencing back to the Halloween event. At around 50 seconds in the trailer, we can see the Overwatch team facing a big army. Which hints us to what could possibly be the second lore-related game mode. In this one, like in the Halloween one, there might only be specific characters available for players to play. Which would be the ones named above. In the trailer, Reinhardt also mentions that he is escorting the payload and we can see it explode in a wall shortly after. Meaning that this would also be available in Quick and Competitive play. As for the towers seen in the map and drop pods with Bastions, it would be very interesting to see those elements play a role in the game. However, will we have to wait until tomorrow to know more details.


Many skins are also shown in the trailer as well as what we thought was an interesting spray. The spray would most likely be Widowmaker, but it looks like a nice little touch the the lore and the event. Hopefully we will get to know more about the character’s stories in this event ! Many more skins are probably in the game, as two were shown only very quickly in the cinematic. We could expect variations for those already shown and maybe a few surprises!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s big reveal! We can’t wait to find out more about this event and will make sure to stay updated. Let us know which feature and skin that you are the most excited about!


All screenshots are copyrights of Blizzard Entertainment. 


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