Earlier this month, Blizzard shared a teaser for an upcoming event that will for April 11. There have been many theories about what this event might be, but the comic released yesterday might be able to give us a few more hints.

Many have been talking about a possible event for April 11 about the Omnic uprising. This could have been confirmed on the teaser and comic. The archive file teased from Overwatch is titled King’s Row Uprising, entered into record seven years ago. This actually matches with the comic Uprising setting place in the Overwatch headquarters seven years ago as they were watching a crisis happening in London. The kind of content that will be included in the next patch is still unknown,however we can think that it will be related to those two posts. We could see a new game mode similar to the one we saw in the Halloween event. The development team has been talking a lot about this previous mode and Jeff Kaplan even mentionned in an interview that they would love to experiment with something similar.

As for customization content, not only did the comic give us many possible new skins, but Jeff Kaplan also said in an interview with Gamespot a few days ago:

”We have some amazing Loot Box content coming up. I’ll just leave it at that.” – Jeff Kaplan

Now, these new skins could most likely be the one we saw in the comic and would match the already existing ones such as Commander Morrison. Here are some screenshots of the variations that we saw in Uprising. Let us know what are your theories on the upcoming content in the comments below!

All screenshots are copyright of Blizzard Entertainment


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