Yesterday, we received the unexpected news about Heroes of the Storm 2.0 ! This very big patch that will be coming up on April 25th will include a new progression system, more rewards, new skins and more!

In HotS 2.0 there will no longer be a maximum level for each heroes and the player level is approached differently. Instead of capping at level 40, the player level becomes the total Hero Level. For each level gained, various rewards will be available. The newest reward being Loot Boxes. These boxes will work in a similar way to Overwatch. Earn one for each level you gain and they will include either skins, voice lines, portraits, emojis, sprays, banners or even heroes. Duplicates will give you a different number of shards which can be used to craft those cosmetics!

For more information about this big patch, take a look at the official announcement video:

We decided to gather for you a gallery of all the new skins and recolors currently in the beta. For those interested to join the testing, under the Region section right above the Play button, select the Heroes 2.0 region and hit the install button! Enjoy!


All screenshots are copyrights of Blizzard Entertainment.



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