Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs was released less than a few hours ago on Steam for 32.99$CAN (on sale for 26.39$CAN). This game was previously released on PS Vita and PS3 now also has a PS4 release.  It is an adventure Visual Novel featuring some RPG elements. It is meant to be an ”ultimate” edition of the original release on older platforms with an improved battle system and an expended story.

The game have 13 episodes of ghost stories for the player to go through. The player get to choose their own path with their actions and fight the multiple ghosts in the way. For those who already played the original game, there is also the ”Daybreak” scenario that was added to this version. This immersive ghost story also includes animated graphics and an RPG-inspired battle system with traps and a briefing stage in each mission.

Images and video are copyright of Tokyo Twilight Ghost Story.





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