In Vitra is a game that will soon be available on Steam. It is an RPG adventure with a turn-based style combat system and an immersive story. A free Demo for the game launched today on Steam for the players eager to play it and those curious for a new adventure.

The story so far…

In the Demo, we get a good idea of what the story will be about: a mysterious disease is spreading on the land and our hero is on a quest to find a cure. There is also mention of a war between humans, orcs, trolls and undeads. The story sounds pretty classic, but it is enjoyable to go through it a little in the Demo. The thing that we enjoyed the most was a Dungeon and Dragons feeling with the various choices in the game and the way their consequences were described. The game really gives you the chance to take multiple actions that could be good or bad for your characters.It can be a small choice like rescuing a kitten, or it can also be a more important one like fighting a monster or running from it. We hope to see more of these interactions in the full game!


Puzzles and Combat system…

There are puzzles in the game, we found one located in the storage house during the demo. The puzzle was not too difficult, but it was enjoyable. It really reminds us of old RPG such as the Legend of Zelda. As for the combat system, it is a turn-based style and if you enjoy that kind of combat, it won’t disappoint. There is not really anything new to the system, but it works in favor of the game’s style. However, do no forget to change your heroes’s weapons and armor in order to defeat stronger enemies! Being able to change equipment is an important factor and it allows the player to build their characters a little more.


Graphics and Music…

The animation of the game is rather simple, but great. The only issue we had with it was a certain latency when moving outside (forest or in the street). Which could leave a little bit of a headache. Hopefully this will be fixed before or after the launch! There were no issues with this while indoors. As for the music, the soundtrack is great. Not too distracting, with various tones and it is enjoyable.

The game is scheduled to come out on March 24 on Steam! Until then, we recommend trying the demo. The game looks promising and we will be waiting for the full release! There is no price announced yet , more information about that and the game itself should be available soon! Follow their official Facebook Page to stay updated with the developers!


All images are copyright of Bubblebee. and rokapublish GmbH

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