Many of you may have head of Danganronpa, it is a series of Visual Novel that has gotten quite popular last year with it’s Steam Release. The two first titles will also be coming out to PS4 very soon. There was also an anime during Summer 2016 which was a sequel and a prequel to the second game of the franchise. A third game was already announced, but there was no information about a western release until recently.

Kazkodaka is the creator and writer of the series and he published a post yesterday mentioning the Western release. Danganronpa V3 should come out on September 26 of this year!  We still do not know if it will be the same date for a Steam release for PC users, but that information might come soon.

Dizzy’s comment:

I am a big fan of this series, it is my favorite Visual Novel and I can’t wait for the PC release of V3. Chiaki is a character that I really related to and I will miss all the other characters as well. However, meeting the new ones should be very interesting! Who else is excited for this game?


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