An announcement was made on Steam recently to promote their future feature called Steam Direct that will take the place of Steam Greenlight. This new system will require that new developers complete a set of digital paperwork, personal or company verification, and tax documents. Once this will be done, the developers will have to pay an application fee for each new title they wish to distribute. This should reduce the noise in the submission pipeline.

The publishing fee has not been decided yet, but it will be announced soon. A couple of week before Steam activates this new system however, they will stop accepting new submissions in Greenlight. The Greenlighting titles that have sufficient community interest will continue until the release of Steam Direct. The games that have been Greenlit but have not completed the digital paperwork for Steamworks will not disappear either. As mentioned on their original post: ”Once a title has been Greenlit, you have an invitation for that game to come to Steam. That invitation doesn’t expire with any of these changes”. Also, those who paid for the Greenlight submission fee and do not have any titles will be able to get a refund.

This whole new system will replace Steam Greenlight in Spring 2017. Follow the updates on Steam! We also recommend giving your feedback on the Steam Greenlight Discussions!



  1. Steam Direct will live or die based on its publishing fee. If it’s too low they’ll run into the same problem as before, but if it’s too high, it completely defeats the purpose of seeking out indies who don’t have the most resources to work with.


    • I agree with you! They say that they are still looking for feedback before deciding on the fees. They seem to be very well aware of the fact that indies do not always have a lot of resources.

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