Gameplay : 8/10
Art : 7/10
Sound Effects: 8/10
Overall Experience: 8/10

Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation is a game that has been available on Steam since December 16, 2016. It is right now in Early Access, meaning that the game is still in development. However, it is already available for sale for those who are interested in playing it and helping in the creation of the final product.

Lobotomy Corp. is being developed by Project Moon, a Korean based team. The game is a Monster Management simulation inspired by many other games and movies such as Cabin in the Woods or SCP Foundation. The players will play as an administrator of a company which manages various creatures. These monsters, known as Abnomality, generates an energy source that needs to be collected with the help of your subordinates. This task is not as easy as it sounds as one disaster will quickly lead to another…

Since this game is still in Early Access, this review will be short and is not made to report the current bugs that the team is already aware of. Some features described might not make it to the final game, this is the review of the game in it’s current state as of February 10 of 2017.


Calm before the storm – Gameplay Progression

The progression of Lobotomy Corporation works with in-game Daily events. Players will start at day 1, with only one Abnormality that they have to manage. Then on the second day they will get a second one, then slowly progress towards a full facility. It is also possible (and necessary!) to hire more employees to perform various tasks and do researches. The first few days might seem easy for some players, but the more you get, the harder it gets. It also highly depends on the Abnomality that are added each days since they are based at random. Meaning that each time a new game is created, it won’t be like the previous one. This game can quickly go to hell and will force players to start over, having a different scenario for each plays is a very great factor. It prevents the game from getting too repetitive. It provides a new challenge each times which is very entertaining. Also, the dialog can be skipped pretty fast and there are always choices that the players can make during those to learn more about the story. Overall, the game play is very stressful, yet enjoyable. It does not get too repetitive thanks to it’s mechanics and there is already a lot of content to discover.2.png

When Innocence meets Nightmares – Art and Sound Effects

As noticed from the trailer, the art for Lobotomy Corporation combines a cute style, with nightmarish creatures. It is also combined with great sound effects that will gives shivers down your spine. The contrast between the artstyle and the ambiance is very interesting and pleasing to go through. As we learn about more and more of those monsters, we learn to love them and fear them at the same time. Their sound effects are also very surprising, from a terrifying scream, to small cries from a little girl, they will always catch your attention as you play. Making the experience more real and play a big part in making the game a more stressful atmosphere…3

It’s Not a Trap! – Early Access Current State

Many players are weary of games in early access due to some abuse and disappointments, but Lobotomy Corporation is still too early in development to judge. So far, the developers have been sharing a lot of updates and they are delivering them. They also seem to really read the feedback from the community and are asking for their help. The game should be in early access for about a year and should feature 100 kinds of Abnomalities, 10 departments, customization and interactions with employees. It is very promising and we hope that the development goes well! It is already available on Steam for those who would be interesting in purchasing it already or follow it’s progress!


All images and screenshots are copyrights of Project Moon , the Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation development Team.

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