Corpse Party is a game widely known among gamers for it’s unique story. The first release of the game was in 1996 and it has seen many other titles since then, mostly for Playstation Portable. This year, the game saw a release on 3DS for the first time. It was a remake of the original game Corpse Party. It included brand new art sprite, a lot of extra chapters to unlock and more. For those who purchased the retail copy, it also came with the soundtrack and two little figures!


The story – 10 / 10

Corpse Party sets the player in a gory universe where a group of students finds themselves in a cursed elementary school. This school is filled with vengeful ghosts who are going to try to make the character’s experiences even more miserable. The characters need to search for a way back home as soon as possible.

It is rather complicated to write a summary of the story without adding too many spoilers too it. This story is filled with gore, horror, mystery and a lot of unexpected turns of events. The story is the same as the original one, which is very good for the fans of the game. Players are all able to try to find all possible endings to all chapters with the menu that tells them how many of those are left. Which is very interesting to unlock more about the story and more extra chapters.


The gameplay – 8/10

This game is an rpg with visual novel elements. This means that the player get to explore the school and collect items, but these are mostly key items to progress through the story. So no weapons, potions or elements that affects the characters specifically. This is mostly a game where the player need to uncover the truth behind the many mysteries of the school. Which is like taking part in a story from a book as it is being unfold. As a fan of RPG games and someone who can appreciate a good Visual Novel, Corpse Party is definitely on my list of my favorite RPG games. It is a game that even gamers who are less into horror games will be able to enjoy thanks to it’s gameplay.


Art and Music – 10/10

The game saw some great improvement concerning the art sprites and music. It was filled with a lot of new elements such as small 3D effects during cutscenes. I was not expecting to see 3D as a part of the game, but it was a nice surprise. While some of the images were hard to see in 3D (such as the Wrong End picture), most of them were nicely done. The art for the characters and rpg elements was also changed. It made the characters look smoother and slightly more brighter. As for the music, I absolutely loved hearing it again. Some of the sound effects were also changed in the game, so put your earphones on! The sound quality was much better, sometimes making it feel like the scene was happening around us. Which was a part of the rework that I highly appreciated.


The Extra Chapters – 10/10

The extra chapters were a lot of fun to go through! The first one introduces us to many new characters and has a more light-headed feel to it. It was a very funny little story and we get to learn more about it as more chapters are unlocked. There are also chapters that explains events which were previously not told in the main storyline. Such as connections between characters, events from before the Cursed school and more. It really added a lot to the experience and it was probably my favorite addition to the reworked version. I highly recommend going through them.


Overall I was really glad I played this game. It only took me a few days to complete the main story and half the extra chapters, but it was worth it. I did buy the retail version, which means I own the figures and soundtrack as well. Both are really nice in quality and I was satisfied with how they looked. I do not really have a negative point to add to this review. It is a game that I would highly recommend for those who loved the original one and those who do not mind a little gory story once in a while. Most people that I got to talk to seems to have know the game from the Anime, but I did not watch it so I can’t really compare them.

All the screenshots were taken in-game via Miiverse, if you would like to see more you can head to this page for mine without spoilers and here to see what else the community shared! I hope you enjoyed this short review, let me know if you would like a guide for the chapters or the extra chapters.

All screenshots are copyrights of Corpse Party.



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